Home Sellers Inspections

Almost all home buyers obtain an experienced home inspector to assess the quality of their potential investment, but did you know that hiring a home inspector can help make selling your home an easier endeavor?

Time is money and while your home is under contract, you could be missing out on dozens of potentially interested home buyers should the sale of the home fall through due to an unfavorable home inspection, which can be quite troublesome, especially if you are purchasing a new home with the proceeds of a home sale.

Hiring a home inspector can help alleviate risks associated with selling a home. An experienced home inspector can consult with you about considerations and costs that could improve curb appeal and reduce negative findings from the home buyer’s inspection report.

As always, general preventive maintenance is always a great practice for homeowners to maintain the quality of a home and its form and function. Below are useful articles and resources for saving costs and maintaining a great home.

Home Seller Inspections

Home Sellers Inspection

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