Kane County Illinois Radon Inspections

Kane County IL has one of the highest levels of radon gas found in Illinois homes that exceed the actionable level designated by the EPA deemed safe. In short, if you are buying a or selling a home in Kane County – especially in in Elgin, Aurora or Saint Charles, it is strongly recommended that you have the home inspected for radon.

Kane County Radon Levels by City

Below you can find information on the expected radon levels in the average home by city/zip code in Kane County as reported by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Levels above 4.9 pCi/L are deemed to be high by the Environmental protection agency.

CityZip CodeNo. Sites TestedAvg. pCi/L
Algonquin601021363.2 pCi/L
Aurora605021603.8 pCi/L
Aurora605041034.8 pCi/L
Aurora605051394.6 pCi/L
Aurora605066905.8 pCi/L
Batavia6051012575.4 pCi/L
Big Rock60511216.6 pCi/L
Carpentersville601101575.3 pCi/L
Dundee601182096.6 pCi/L
Elburn601194085.5 pCi/L
Elgin60120915.6 pCi/L
Elgin601232945.6 pCi/L
Elgin601242605.4 pCi/L
Geneva6013419535.3 pCi/L
Gilberts60136612.8 pCi/L
Hampshire601401164.2 pCi/L
Huntley60142392.4 pCi/L
Maple Park60151565.9 pCi/L
Montgomery60538835.4 pCi/L
North Aurora605425244.4 pCi/L
Plano6054535.8 pCi/L
Saint Charles6017413795.3 pCi/L
Saint Charles6017514214.7 pCi/L
South Elgin601775075.3 pCi/L
Sugar Grove605543996 pCi/L
Wayne60184295.7 pCi/L
West Chicago601850N/A