Lake County Illinois Radon Inspections

In terms of radon testing, homes in the Lake County area of Illinois are designated in Zone 2 by the EPA with levels of radon gas detected in the 2.0-4.0 pCi/L range which indicates a moderate presence of the radon gas. Levels over 4.0 pCi/L are considered high and should be serviced to remedy radon emission.

If you own a home or are buying a home in Lake County that is a house, first floor condominium or uses well water, you should consider getting a radon inspection. This is especially important if the home is located in the city, that city, and that city, as those towns have radon levels that exceed 4.0 pCi/L.

Lake County Radon Levels by City

Below you can find information on the expected radon levels in the average home by city/zip code in Lake County as reported by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Note: Homes in areas that have been inspected for radon and averaged over 4.0 pCi/L are considered to be high and dangerous by the EPA.

CityZip CodeNo. Sites TestedAvg. pCi/L
Antioch600022573.4 pCi/L
Barrington6001010454.1 pCi/L
Cary60013113.3 pCi/L
Deerfield600157533.3 pCi/L
Fox Lake60020324.6 pCi/L
Fox River Grove60021242.7 pCi/L
Grayslake600307563.7 pCi/L
Gurnee600317994.2 pCi/L
Highland Park600358213 pCi/L
Fort Sheridan600370N/A
Highwood60040232.6 pCi/L
Ingleside60041474.5 pCi/L
Island Lake60042234.3 pCi/L
Lake Bluff600443053.9 pCi/L
Lake Forest600458713.6 pCi/L
Lake Villa600466203.5 pCi/L
Lake Zurich6004714374.1 pCi/L
Libertyville6004811254.1 pCi/L
Mchenry6005010.4 pCi/L
Mchenry60051243.7 pCi/L
Mundelein600604863.7 pCi/L
Vernon Hills600615633.6 pCi/L
North Chicago6006426.9 pCi/L
Lincolnshire600692334.6 pCi/L
Round Lake600733263.9 pCi/L
Palatine6007423.5 pCi/L
Spring Grove6008168.1 pCi/L
Wadsworth600831175 pCi/L
Wauconda600841583.8 pCi/L
Waukegan60085882.9 pCi/L
Waukegan60087404.8 pCi/L
Great Lakes6008874.4 pCi/L
Buffalo Grove600896493.8 pCi/L
Winthrop Harbor60096256.1 pCi/L
Zion60099443.9 pCi/L