McHenry County Illinois Radon Inspections

Radon is a naturally occurring gas which has been found to be dangerous at levels over 4.0% pCi/L. In fact, radon is the number two contributing cause of lung cancer in the country. Homes in McHenry that have been tested for radon have been found to average between 2.0-4.0 pCi/L which is considered a moderate risk by the EPA.

Homes in cities such as like McHenry, Crystal Lake, Cary, Algonquin and Spring Grove have averaged over 5.0% pCi/L, which fall into a high risk classification. If you own a home or are thinking of purchasing a home in McHenry County, you may wish to consider ordering a radon inspection.

McHenry County Radon Levels by City

Below you can find information on the expected radon levels in the average home by city/zip code in McHenry County as reported by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Home tested in zip codes that average over 4.0 pCi/L are deemed have a high presence of radon gases.

CityZip CodeNo. Sites TestedAvg. pCi/L
Barrington60010974 pCi/L
Crystal Lake600122675.6 pCi/L
Cary600134524.9 pCi/L
Crystal Lake600146844.1 pCi/L
Fox Lake600200N/A
Fox River Grove60021615.4 pCi/L
Harvard60033555.7 pCi/L
Hebron6003494.3 pCi/L
Island Lake60042274.4 pCi/L
Mchenry600501774.3 pCi/L
Mchenry600511314.3 pCi/L
Richmond60071325.2 pCi/L
Ringwood60072102.5 pCi/L
Spring Grove60081966.8 pCi/L
Wonder Lake60097545.6 pCi/L
Woodstock600982634.2 pCi/L
Algonquin601023914.5 pCi/L
Huntley601421913 pCi/L
Marengo60152633.8 pCi/L
Lake In The Hills601564183.4 pCi/L
Union6018083.2 pCi/L
Garden Prairie610380N/A